• (1 Review)
       130 minutes
    Coconut oil is healthy and can be used in place of other oils (such as olive, nut, etc) in most dishes.
  • (0 Reviews)
       70 minutes
    This is a great dish for parties. Just boil some pasta, grab your favorite cheese, and bake it all together!
  • (0 Reviews)
       120 minutes
    I love having these around for the family to snack on. Off of the grill and into the sauce or simply poached in the beautiful Mary'nara Sauce.

    Tip: start the Mary'Nara in the morning, puree it and finish the meatballs in the sauce that afternoon. Dinner is served!
  • (0 Reviews)
       25 minutes
    Do yourself a favor and get really high quality eggs. Fresh Potsta is worth it!
  • (0 Reviews)
       40 minutes
    Take your time and make this when you are having a rough day. Don't overwork this dough. Keep it light.
  • (0 Reviews)
       31 minutes
    The Yolognese is delicious! I also love this over English muffins and Parmesan cheese.
  • (0 Reviews)
       55 minutes
    Keep this one as simple as it sounds. Its all about the CannaCream and that fresh parmesan.
  • (0 Reviews)
       140 minutes
    They call this a Mother sauce for a reason. Because it hugs your insides. Classic Crock-Pot style is the way to go if you have one. If not, go ahead and give the slow and low style in the oven a shot.
  • (0 Reviews)
       10 minutes
    Mix and match this yummy sandwich with an ice cold beverage.
  • (2 Reviews)
       10 minutes
    Caprese sandwiches are simple snacks that can be created in a snap. A few cuts and slices and you are good to go.
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