• (0 Reviews)
       11 minutes
    Get baked with your beans!

    Tip: Bacon adds a nice smokey essence to this dish and will not overpower the sweetness of those great vegetables you picked out at the market.
  • (0 Reviews)
       70 minutes
    Enjoy these miniature pot pies as an easy to make snack!
  • (0 Reviews)
       27 minutes
    This warm chocolate drink is perfect for those cold winter nights!
  • (0 Reviews)
       20 minutes
    What a great dish to make for a great movie like Pineapple Express! A quick core of the pineapple and a few cuts you will want to give the pineapple a little brush with a little Infused Olive Oil.
  • (0 Reviews)
       25 minutes
    Feelin' crabby? Make some fresh Dabcakes!
  • (0 Reviews)
       22 minutes
    Puff-Puff-Pastry. This recipe is nice and simple.
  • (0 Reviews)
       480 minutes
    This is a classic dish that you're going to love!
  • (0 Reviews)
       5 minutes
    These delicious and nutritious Caprese Munchies are perfect for the munchies.
  • (0 Reviews)
       10 minutes
    A simple mix in a fresh glass bowl and you can Chevre on like an oil tycoon.
  • (0 Reviews)
       31 minutes
    This tomato soup is great on those cold day winter days.
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