• (0 Reviews)
       18 minutes
    Make these in the morning and make yourself a Pot Chocolate with it.
  • (0 Reviews)
       25 minutes
    We love dried fruit with some cannabis infused chocolate bark wrapped around it!
  • (0 Reviews)
       20 minutes
    Have a bloody mary bar that has come to a higher level.
  • (0 Reviews)
       90 minutes
    A great dish to make the night before and while you are testing out some of the cocktails for the bar. Roast, slice, Mary'nate, cover. Easy right!
  • (1 Review)
       40 minutes
    If you don't feel like going through with it all of the way and making the dough you can always buy some puff puff pastry at the store.
  • (0 Reviews)
       14 minutes
    When life catches up with you can you have already made plans to be somewhere for the game grab a baguette and some of that Mary'malade you made during the fall, brush the bread with some Infused Olive Oil and enjoy
  • (0 Reviews)
       8 minutes
    If you are waking up and need to get on the green, this is an energy packed way to start your day.
  • (0 Reviews)
       32 minutes
    If you are a fan of this light salad you must try it on a buttered croissant. It is to live for!
  • (0 Reviews)
       35 minutes
    You will find this to be a hit in the crock pot. Find a sausage that you like and grill them ahead if time. Just give them a slice and let them swim in the sauce of your choice.
  • (0 Reviews)
       30 minutes
    Some people find the Big Buddha Bleu Cheese to be a little too funky. Hence the name Offensive Wedge Salad, so use ranch if you can't hang with funk. This recipe is a great one as a build your own. To do that simply set up small dishes of all of the ingredients on a table let people assume the responsibility.
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