Best Cannabis Strains for Early Spring


Whether you are a grower looking for tips on what will blossom, or a consumer looking for the perfect summer buds, here are a few strains you can’t go wrong with this spring.


Ganja Dwarf

According to Amsterdam Cannabis Seeds, this is a strain that goes great with a cold beer, and also flowers during the short spring months. This is perfect for the turn of the seasons!


White Widow

Amsterdam Cannabis Seeds also recommends this one for it’s cool, refreshing taste and sharp and strong flavor. Plus, it’s a tried-and-true favorite. You can’t go wrong!


Strawberry Cough

How to Grow Marijuana recommends Strawberry Cough, a sweet and tasty strain that pairs wonderfully with light food or a cold beverage. It is also a good beginner strain, and has a great flavor.


Super Lemon Haze

Another fruity strain, How to Grow Marijuana swears by its light, fluffy buds, and earthy flavor. It’s perfect for a crisp day when you can feel the first rays of spring sunshine.