• (0 Reviews)
       10 minutes
    Yummy in your tummy.
  • (0 Reviews)
       210 minutes
    A perfect dish for the crock pot. A family favorite to use up the leftovers of this dish is to shred the beef and use it in Beef Stroganoff.
  • (0 Reviews)
       13 minutes
    Perfect meal to cook for the meat eater. It's all about going green with butter!
  • (0 Reviews)
       40 minutes
    it doesnt matter how you like your Lamb. Cut into Chops, carved into Popsicles, nicely Frenched, Full Rack it doesnt matter just be sure to LET IT REST for at least 10 minutes.
  • (0 Reviews)
       135 minutes
    Let the chilliness happen outside and get to baking inside.
  • (0 Reviews)
       25 minutes
    Here is a classic Beef Wellington taken to a higher level. take the time to sear the meat and to puree the mushrooms enough to form glue to the puff pastry.
  • (0 Reviews)
       55 minutes
    Keep this one as simple as it sounds. Its all about the CannaCream and that fresh parmesan.
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